Friday, October 27, 2017

5 Healthy Benefits of a Soul On  Fire 🔥?

Have you ever been at a crossroads in life?  You choose the path less traveled!  Doubt sets in but faith overpowers!   Several years ago I had the privilege of becoming a tribe member of a group of people called Igniting Souls.   Every year I choose to choose faith over doubt at Igniting Souls!
These are rhe 5 amazing benefits  of this once a year gathering which grows exponentially each year.
1. People
    When I can to the conference this year the vibration of the people was at 1000%
    That was the first spark to my soul after a year of deep family transition and change.
     I know about high frequency food but these are people with such a mission the frequency was    
     through the roof.
2. Photos.
     Emily a team member captures the memories of a life changing event with her ability to capture
     the moment for priceless memories.
3.  Platform.
     The professional speakers and authors were enough for many more sparks.  You have to capture
     the heart of these speakers.   It was to enable the attendees to their own platform so the urgent
    messages people need  to hear do not  remain merely a thought.
4.  Pain
     Most people hate pain.  I know I do. All of a sudden I realized my pain is the message and to be  
     embraced to help others.
5.  Pray.
     My faith is very dear to me and what but more sparks of faith this past weekend of purpose in the
    way we were  created to serve others.  Prayer and encouragement was a fire in many of the souls
    So thankful for this tribe and the souls on fire which does not become embers after the conference
    but only a full blaze of messages that will serve the world.

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